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Solar powered communications systems are an economical approach to today's remote communication infastructure requirements at
a global level. We give it two horns up!



This photo is from an event which SkyStream does yearly. As you can see, it is in a very remote area. Onsite was a radio station attempting to set up for a live broadcast. They could not do their live broadcast because there was no signal, that is until SkyStream arrived. With SkyStream they were able to link back to the engineer at the radio station, do their broadcast and cover the event.

SkyStream Solar Technology combines the power of the sun's solar energy  with the power of the wireless communications and other technologies and  delivers a low cost wireless connectivity solution

 Pictured below is our G1 Tesla Series, The G1 can be outfitted with many different types of antenna systems and network devices to accommodate nearly any application. All of our SkyStream network components will work with each other as well as other brands of network equipment..

 The system pictured below is 100% solar powered eliminating the need for electricity when the power in an area is out or if no power is available, for example a rally held in the country in a field may not have an electric source. This holds true for places which have experienced a natural disaster.

 The solar panels have a long life span as well as the support module used to store energy in reserve. The G1 performed for nearly 4 days without a light source during product testing. We have yet to encounter a situation where the G1 has drained the support module. To date, we have yet to have a failure of any type.

 The range of the G1 is variable depending on the application the G1 is being used for. The tower pictured below, is 25’ with a maximum height of 45’. The tower and other components are easily stored on the G1 when not in use. Trained personnel can easily configure the G1 and have it operational within 30 minutes. It is equally as easy to prepare for travel. Different mast types are also available. The G1 has an optional self monitoring cooling system and optional heating system.

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"SkyStream Solar has been a terrific provider for The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally over the last several years.  They have provided wireless access for our pilots, vendors and spectators.  The service has been reliable, fast and uninterrupted.  Our pilots have relied on SkyStream Solar for the latest on weather, while our vendors have used it for credit card processing connectivity.  The service has been so useful our appreciation was shown by awarding SkyStream Solar with our with the highest honor – The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Appreciation Award."
- Patrick Randolph, 2011 The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Site and Vendor Chairperson


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