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Solar powered communications systems are an economical approach to today's remote communication infastructure requirements at
a global level. We give it two horns up!



SkyStream Solar is a division of The Computer Clinic and has been providing quality solar communication solutions since our founding in 2007. It is our mission to provide low cost high quality solar powered communication solutions for rural and urban areas, business districts, first responders, construction crews, road crews and many other applications.  We offer fixed, mobile and portable hardware and software solutions remote areas that require a remote communication solution.  

 We are a small company located in Wellsville, NY. . Because Wellsville is our home, we also provide free Wi-Fi to the visitors of the Main Street Business District. We have been doing this for a few years now.
SkyStream has been very well received by its end users. The fun part of SkyStream is that where ever we go, someone finds a different way to do something new with SkyStream. For example, at a small county fair, a worker became ill and was rushed to the medics.
 While one team is using SkyStream to research the workers medications, another team was sending his vital signs to a hospital prior to taking him there by ambulance. At another event, a vendor discovered he could process credit card transactions using SkyStream. He increased his revenue in one night by nearly $1000.00.
Stream is a very well designed product. It is user friendly and flexable. SkyStream could be used by First Responders, Disaster Recovery, Local, State or Federal Emergencies teams. SkyStream at its most basic use is a self contained portable, scalable communication system. 
 SkyStream is an excellent answer to towns who want to provide Wi-Fi to a specific area. SkyStream also has an optional security package which allows full control and customization of the system. Area's can generate revenue with Sky Stream’s package AdStream.
 AdStream is a portal which redirects a user of the Wi-Fi to a site which is geared towards local businesses, local activities such as festivals and tourist information.
 SkyStream has the ability to send cellular signal into remote areas also. This is an answer to crews who work in remote areas where cell service is not available. The list of what SkyStream can do is longer than what it can't do.


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"SkyStream Solar has been a terrific provider for The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally over the last several years.  They have provided wireless access for our pilots, vendors and spectators.  The service has been reliable, fast and uninterrupted.  Our pilots have relied on SkyStream Solar for the latest on weather, while our vendors have used it for credit card processing connectivity.  The service has been so useful our appreciation was shown by awarding SkyStream Solar with our with the highest honor – The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Appreciation Award."
- Patrick Randolph, 2011 The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Site and Vendor Chairperson


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