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Solar powered communications systems are an economical approach to today's remote communication infastructure requirements at
a global level. We give it two horns up!


Wireless Devices Are Nearly Everywhere.
Signal, However Isn't.
It seems that no matter where you go in today's world, there is some sort of wireless device which works fine except it has no way to connect to the outside world.
 The increasing costs of upgrading or creating an infastructure are staggering. With today's global economy in tough times, many projects are being delayed or cancelled.   SkyStream Solar is a solution to reduce connectivity costs.

Solar Technology and Communications 

SkyStream's Solar Technology  can be applied locally or globally. By utilizing the power of the sun's solar energy and wireless communications,
SkySteam delivers a low cost connectivity solution for remote and urban area's globally.


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"SkyStream Solar has been a terrific provider for The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally over the last several years.  They have provided wireless access for our pilots, vendors and spectators.  The service has been reliable, fast and uninterrupted.  Our pilots have relied on SkyStream Solar for the latest on weather, while our vendors have used it for credit card processing connectivity.  The service has been so useful our appreciation was shown by awarding SkyStream Solar with our with the highest honor – The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Appreciation Award."
- Patrick Randolph, 2011 The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Site and Vendor Chairperson


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